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You think you are already PSD2 compliant? A simple yes or no will help you detect business risks and unknown problems so that they can be solved now before it is too late.

PSD2 Solution by adorsys

adorsys is working on PSD2 since publications of the first draft documents with the main goal of helping banks to successfully implement the associated requirements.

The PSD2 Accelerator is a sandbox environment that fully meets the PSD2 requirements for providing APIs for Third-Party Providers (TPP). Based on the Berlin Group’s NextGen PSD2 specification for access to accounts (XS2A), you meet the regulatory requirements without having to connect your systems.

Our solution is available as open source software, free of charge to operate in your own environment also as SaaS solution via Cloud.


PSD2 with open source standard software

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Latest PSD2

Implementation of Berlin Group’s NextGen PSD2 specification

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TPP management for access and certificates

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Dev Portal &

Developer portal and API documentation for TTP Developer

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Core Banking

End-to-End processes for TPP developers through optional simulation core banking2

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For more information, see the
entire open source project on GitHub.

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Complete Feature List

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Payments Service
Consents Service (All Types)
Account Information Service
Payment Instrument Issuer Service
Service for Issuing eIDAS Test Certificates
Developer Portal
Architecture Documentation
Real Bank Emulation and Dynamic Data
Registration of Third Party Providers
Account and User Management
Multilevel SCA
Redirect SCA Approach
Embedded SCA Approach
Decoupled SCA approach
Multiple Testing Flows for
Successful and Unsuccessful Scenarios
Upload of NISP Test Data
Storing PIIS consets in CMS
Storing events and technical logs
Databases suport (h2, postgres, oracle, mariadb)

Product History

  • Project Kick-Off with six Team Members

  • First customer appointment with DAB and Consors Bank

  • Release of Version 0.1.0

    • Certificate validation
    • First PSD2 functionalities like payment initiation
    • Developer portal with technical & business documentation
  • Several workshops with customers with presentation of the version 0.1.0

  • PSD2 Accellerator is available open source on GitHub

  • Release of Version 1.0.0

    • Integration & documentation of testcases
    • Configurable IBANS for static testdata
    • Implement AIS, PIS and PIIS endpoints
  • Release of Version 1.1.0

    • Integration of bankoffered Consent
    • Configurable transactions within the testdata
    • German translation of documentation in the developer portal
  • Release of Version 1.2.0

    • Configurable UI in the developer portal
  • Release of Version 1.3.0

  • Release of Version 1.4.0

  • Release of Version 1.5.0

    • Update XS2A Impl-Version to 2.3
    • Add field "Common name" to the certificate

Clients who already using our PSD2 solution

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How we can help you

We apply our ten years of experience in software development to the creation of innovative software solutions for companies. We expand our clients' possibilities based on state of the art technology.

In addition to that, we offer web-based and mobile applications for any device, and we continue to be at our clients' side after implementation

Getting Banks PSD2 compliant.

We help banks to to comply with all technical and legal PSD2 requirements. To speed up the process, we provide an open source XS2A interface, specified by the Berlin Group, which we are able to connect to your middleware system.

External view of PSD2-compliant systems.

Ever since the very beginning of PSD2, we have been working with its requirements and implicit tasks. With this expertise, we can offer you a perspective of your systems and potentially offer you suggestions for improvements.

Clean implementation of compliant driven decisions.

PSD2 defined a rigid agenda to achieve all requirements. With regard to certain points, banks can choose between several approaches, which however often lead to temporary solutions (e.g. Redirect approach for SCA) simply in order to become PSD2 compliant. It is, however, necessary to replace those temporary solutions with clean implementations in the medium-term (e.g. OAuth2 for SCA).

Make return on your investments.

PSD2 is not only a burden but can also be a possibility to generate revenue and profits through additional services. Each bank has to provide a defined set of services, which however does not restrict the provision of additional services. It is entirely up to the banks, to make use of the opportunities provided by PSD2 and to expand their range of services.

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