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The Multibanking Service enables TPPs to retrieve and manage PSD2 compliant account movements. With smart analytics, transactions can even be categorized.

The adorsys Multibanking Service

The Multibanking Service provides authenticated access to a users bank account. With validated online-banking credentials, the user can authorize an application to fetch transaction data, prepare and display it. Furthermore, it is possible to test the functionality of this project not only with real data, but also with mock data. The mock data can be set up by the user and acts just as real data.

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Account Information

Aggregate account information like transactions from different banks

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Categorization and analysis of transactions

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Payment Initiation

Money transfer from and to different bank accounts

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Encryption of
digital data

Encrypted storage of user data

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Current contracts are recognized from the account transaction

Use Case

Account Information Service

The Multibanking Service allows PSUs to integrate their accounts from different banks into the TPP app.

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