Digital Corporate Tax Reporting (BSR)

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Organize assets online and replace manual acquisition of tax control documents for portfolios by data import.

Key Challenge

Securities accounts (shares, bonds, funds, etc.) that are held in operational units (GmbH /AG,GmbH & Co. KG etc.), in foundations or in special tax assets, face challenges when it comes to accounting. Whenever an operational portfolio has to be booked due to legal regulations according to HGB and/or tax law, common bank reports cannot be used by the accountant in this case, as they focus exclusively on private investors. Therefore, the acquisition of the receipts has to be done manually, which is expensive and often incorrect.

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The BSR solution of fintegra, in cooperation with adorsys, replaces the manual acquisition of tax control documents by data import. BSR is part of the product family of banks driven data imports for accountants. The historical and transaction data required for booking are imported into the fintegra database by the core banking software and then refined with further data from rating systems based on the fintegra-algorithm.

The manual document acquisition process is essentially replaced by two DATEV export files, commercial law and tax law, as well as by a financial investment report in Excel form. With the use of BSR, corporate securities accounting can be made more efficient and cost-effective while increasing quality.

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Significant time saving

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Data processing and increased product quality

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Decrease costs by more than 50% in security stock accounting

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