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The digital care assistant is a software solution for the configuration of precautionary mandates adding value to the customer experience associated to a certain product.

The challenge of changing customer needs

Customer needs and expectations constantly change as insurances and banks are challenged to keep their existing customers and acquire new ones.

Providing them with assistance services is a way to add value to their products and to differentiate from their competitors.

The digital care assistant from CodeCamp:N

The digital care assistant aims to attract new customers through its digital configurator for precautionary mandates like the patient decree (PatientenverfĂĽgung) or power of attorney (Vorsorgevollmacht).

It provides the interface for the easy configuration as well as a live preview of the final document at any time given.

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Any configurable document type (e.g. contracts) can be implemented through the software.

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High Quality

Users acquired through this solution will be more likely to be interested in further offers concerning their financial precaution and protection.

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The solution can be obtained in combination with a customer area to store documents and share them with confidants.

Use Case

How it works – User Flow

The digital care assistant provides an easy way to market products in the insurance and finance sector through generating high quality touchpoints to prospective customers. By informing themselves about the possibilities of precautionary mandates and generating them through the use of the digital care assistant, we open up the possibility to inform the customer about further offers in the field of provision.

The digital care assistant creates recurring touchpoints as the documents should be updated periodically. Advising the customer on his changing needs in different stages of life, opens up high quality touchpoints.

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