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Our DataSafe is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant solution for a safe and secure storage of documents, account turnovers, and much more.

Key issue of data storage

Security of data is a major issue that needs to be addressed. For large commercial organizations, data security is not only an option, but needs to be provided by law. Losing sensitive data by hack attacks or even natural disasters or physical theft can have severe consequences for a company, possibly crippling the entire organization. Regarding the EU legislation of 2015, organizations can face a fine of up to 100 Million euro or 5% for your global turnover.

DataSafe Solution by adorsys

The framework helps users to securely manage user data on the top of a blob storage. Any type of file and any size can be stored on any server, shared and retrieved by the user.

Since the data is stored in encrypted form, it is protected from unauthorized access.


According to the EU’s Basic Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), critical data must be protected

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Encryption is useful to protect sensitive data, including personal information for individuals

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Encryption of
sensitive data

Using CMS (Cryptographic Message Syntax) Bouncy castle

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Against identity fraud by using digital signature

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Protection of data
across devices

Encryption can help protect stored data on all devices, even during transmission

Use Case 1

Account Aggregators

Companies, which pull an aggregate customer transactions, need to store these informations securely because the transaction contains a lot of sensitive data. In this case, DataSafe encrypts and decrypts the data as a independent unit.

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Use Case 2

TPP Use Case

A personal financial assistant and thinking financial app for carefree handling of money uses DataSafe to collect data from user banks and to encrypt this data.

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Use Case 3

Bank PSD2 Caching Layers

With PSD2 XS2A, the load on the core banking system will increase by more than 1000 times. Due to all these requests from TPP, the core banking server will be slow. DataSafe can be used as an individual caching layer to cache customer records outside. XS2A layer can use DataSafe as caching layer so that the data often read into the XS2A is cached in the DataSafe and read directly from there. By avoiding access to the underlying slower storage layer (core banking system) DataSafe achieves faster data retrieval times in a secure manner.

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