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The Banking Gateway is a Payment Initiation and Account Information Service that is PSD2 compliant.

The Key Challenge for a Third Party Provider

The Banking Gateway offers Third Party Providers all common PSD2 Specifications like Berlin Group Open Banking and STET.Third Party Providers and their users can therefore use the Banking Gateway to query account information as well as to initiate payments.

The Banking Gateway Solution from adorsys

The Banking Gateway handles all the XS2A authorization processes for transactions and consents. It provides the uniform interface for TPPs, such as personal finance services (for example account information and payment initiation services).

You can test the flow of this solution with our prototype.

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Major banks
under PSD2

Interaction with the banks that are most relevant for the market, like Sparkasse and Raiffeisenbanken

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Account Information

Aggregate account information like transactions from different banks

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Payment Initiation

Money transfers from and to different bank accounts

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Strong Custemor Authentification process is included

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One interface,
many options

No matter if Berlin Group, STET or your own XS2A-Interface, you only have to communicate with one interface

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User Interface

TPP-UI for users and accout management for banks

Use Case

PSD2 - Multi Specification Provider

One Interface for all common PSD2 Specifications.

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