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What we do?We are shaping Business Models.

It's in our DNA to imagine, build, and iterate. It's our goal to change banking for the better with pioneering technology that improves the customer experience and brings more financial clarity and security.

With our solutions, we help Banks and TPPs' to create new, digital services through Open Banking. We cover the entire process of digital transformation for our customers.

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In order to achieve strategic objectives and changes, we support our clients in formulating a digital vision.

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Innovation &

Together with our clients, we develop innovative ideas and business models, using various creative techniques.


Our technical product development is agile. If required, we provide a full Scrum-Team & Master as well as a Product Owner.

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Marketing &

We support both the operational anchoring of a project and the control of the change process, as well as the successful placement of the product on the market.

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Maintain &

In order to fulfill and expand the value proposition of a company, we take care of the optimization of the business model, future product characteristics, and their realization.

How do we do that?Here are our services

We provide a technological platform and infrastructure as well as direct access to cooperations with relevant market participants.

We offer the following Platform APIs and functionality:

Identity &

With our partners OpenId Connect with Verimi, YES, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, we provide a Financial Home ID from customer's point of view.

Multibanking /

In accordance with the European Payment Service Directive 2, access to all bank transactions in the sense of Open Banking, including adapters for third parties. Possibility of connecting further banking products such as credit cards, deposits, and loans - Beyond Banking figo.


We provide various Banking (PFM, BFM, Engager, Customer Linked Offers), Insurance (e.g. Peergroup Comparison, Customer Profiling), and Tax APIs’ based on our own and partner AI products.


We offer a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant DataSafe for the secure storage of documents, account turnovers, etc.

Who is working with us?Meet our partners

By providing a digitally networked platform, we are building a digital cross-industry ecosystem together with B2B partners from various disciplines.

The service and product range, as well as the industry experience of customer groups from different core economic sectors compliment each other and create synergies at the same time. The networking and integration of these different customer groups generates real added value for all participating players.

Official Groups &Board MembersSolutions &MarketplacesReal WorldSolutionsAPI –PlatformsCloud /Infrastructure
Official Groups &
Board Members
Solutions &
Real World
Cloud /
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Our Solutions

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XS2A Adapter

  • live

Don't waste time in connecting different banks with different approaches into your application. Use the free of charge XS2A adapter and concentrate on your true value proposition!

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Banking Gateway

  • prototyped

The Banking Gateway is a Payment Initiation and Account Information Service that is PSD2 compliant.

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XS2A Sandbox

  • live

The XS2A Sandbox is an environment that fully meets the PSD2 requirements for providing APIs for Third-Party Providers (TPP).

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XS2A Core

  • live

XS2A Core is an interface that provides third-party providers with access to client accounts that are managed by an ASPSP.

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  • prototyped

Our DataSafe is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant solutiuon for a safe and secure storage of documents, account turnovers, and much more.

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  • live

The Multibanking Service enables TPPs to retrieve and manage PSD2 compliant account movements. With smart analytics, transactions can even be categorized.

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Qwac Assessor

  • prototyped

Software solution that makes authorization and authentification to TPP based on his certificate offline.

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PSD2 Accelerator

  • live

The PSD2 Accelerator is a sandbox environment that fully meets the PSD2 requirements for providing APIs for Third-Party Providers (TPP).

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